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I need dental implants and read about “Teeth in an HourTM” and “Teeth in a DayTM” procedures? Am I a good candidate for that?

Exciting innovations in dentistry have once again given us a new way of regaining our smile. It used to be that dental patients had to endure numerous appointments and discomfort to accomplish what is now attainable in a few simple appointments. These protocols allow us to accomplish placing dental implants and restore the patient’s smile […]

Dental Bytes by Dr. Omar Abdo

Q: I have very bad teeth and I am thinking about implants. I need some help selecting the doctor that I will entrust with handling my case. I see ads showing “Implantology” Experts and discounted implant fees in the same sentence! How do I know who is an expert in this area? A: “Implantology” is […]

Dr. Omar Abdo Discusses Dental Implants and Veneers

With expertise in cosmetic and restorative procedures, Dr. Omar Abdo offers dental implants and porcelain veneers at his private practice in Jupiter, Florida. Dr. Abdo offers an overview of dental implants and veneers.   Some patients ask if dental implants will help their teeth look and function better. While dental implants give us an excellent […]

An Interview with Dr. Omar Abdo Concerning Teeth Whitening

At the Jupiter Institute for Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry, located in Palm Beach County, Florida, experienced prosthodontist Dr. Omar Abdo offers patients a full range of dental care procedures and techniques. Teeth whitening ranks among Dr. Abdo’s most popular services, allowing patients to bring out the natural gleam and beauty of their smiles. We sat […]

Preventing Periodontal Diseases

An accomplished prosthodontist with considerable experience in the field, Dr. Omar Abdo currently owns his practice in Jupiter-Palm Beach, Florida. To maintain a high level of oral health, Dr. Abdo recommends a strict regimen of periodontal maintenance. Periodontal diseases, infections that attack the gums and erode the natural support structures of the teeth, are highly […]