Prosthodontics and Dental Credentials, part 3

SpecialistFinally, the last installment of our Prosthodontics and Dental Credentials series where we illustrate what the dental specialty of prosthodontics encompasses.

Here are a few more myths and facts to chew on:
Myth #5
Specialists are for the big wig like CEOs, entertainers and news anchors.
Recent economics and competition means that most prosthodontic fees are only slightly higher than that of general dentists. While prosthodontics is rarely the lowest cost in town, often they are NOT the highest. We see plenty of general dentists with higher rates. When considering the added education and usually a higher quality laboratory, most prosthodontic patients agree that the fees are a bargain in the long run.


Myth #6
Getting a dental implant is insanely expensive.
Single tooth implant restorations range from $1,000 to $7,500 or more. Pricing is influenced by the complexity of the case and the materials chosen by the patient. If someone is suffering from bone loss, there are additional procedures required to ensure the success of the implant.
A crown or bridge may seem like a cheaper alternative, but once you factor in the potential root canal procedures, the effects of compromising healthy teeth for the sake of a bridge, and the fact that you most likely will need to replace said bridge or crown in a lifetime, a dental implant becomes the most cost effective.

We hope this fact vs. myth has helped.  General dentists do an excellent job on many procedures. Some are supremely skilled. However, choosing a specialist is the only way to guarantee that your provider has the experience needed.