Prosthodontics and Dental Credentials, part 2

Is there such thing as TOO white?

Is there such thing as TOO white?

Welcome to part two of our Prosthodontics and Dental Credentials series where we help define prosthodontics for our patients so that they may make an educated design about their care.

Last week we offered you a few facts about the difference between general dentistry and prosthodontics. Here are a few more:

Myth #3
Technology does the work. Word is, it has taken the skill out of being a dentist, making some procedures like implants and crowns routine. For this reason, people should choose dental treatments by price.

Hand skills are a critical and often overlooked component of superior dentistry. The entire implant process, from extraction to placement, are surgical procedures requiring years of training and experience. Crowns begin with the prosthodontist’s vision of the final product making it part science, part art.

Myth #4
A great dentist is quick because they really know what they’re doing.

A prosthodontist strives for perfection. Success is not measured by quantity, but rather quality, leading them to labor for hours on a single tooth to get the exact dimensions right.  A specialist obsesses over the color, shape, balance and translucence of a dental crown. Natural teeth are not perfect, they are translucent at the tips, and they are not bright white.
“Hollywood-style teeth” are not typically found in nature. Like a good plastic surgeon, a prosthodontist would prefer there was no evidence of “work being done”.

Be sure to check back on our series to see which myths we debunk next.  Before you know it, you will be on your way to a dazzling, healthy smile!!