Preventing Periodontal Diseases

An accomplished prosthodontist with considerable experience in the field, Dr. Omar Abdo currently owns his practice in Jupiter-Palm Beach, Florida. To maintain a high level of oral health, Dr. Abdo recommends a strict regimen of periodontal maintenance. Periodontal diseases, infections that attack the gums and erode the natural support structures of the teeth, are highly preventable and require relatively little effort to ward off.

The majority of periodontal diseases fall into one of two categories: gingivitis and periodontitis. Gingivitis refers to a nondestructive form of periodontal disease whereby the gums become inflamed due to a buildup of plaque on the surface of teeth. When bacteria builds up on the teeth and the lining of the gums, the body’s immune responses begin to fight off the infection and kill the bacteria, leaving behind patches of bacterial plaque along the periodontal attachment apparatus. Plaque traps may begin to form, which accumulate and maintain levels of bacteria that elicit an inflammatory response in the surrounding gum tissue.

If left untreated for long enough, gingivitis can become periodontitis, a far more serious condition that can have long-lasting consequences. Periodontitis involves the erosion of the alveolar bone that surrounds teeth, which can result in severe infection and tooth loss. Common causes of periodontitis include poor oral hygiene, smoking, and poor diet.

To prevent periodontal disease, Dr. Abdo recommends taking an active approach to maintaining good oral hygiene. By brushing the teeth at least twice per day, one can disrupt the bacterial growth along the gum line and eliminate the buildup of plaque in key locations. Dr. Abdo also recommends the use of interdental brushes and floss, which can disrupt plaque formations in the space between the teeth that regular brushing can miss. Mouthwash also plays a crucial role in the prevention of periodontal diseases by killing a large portion of bacteria along the lining of the gums. Finally, regular visits to the dentist can have a strong impact on the prevention of periodontal disease, as the professional teeth cleaning services performed at a dentist’s office can identify and eliminate plaque buildups that home cleaning often misses.

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