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Subject: testimony – sorry it’s so long, but there are so many good things to say about Dr. Abdo!


Getting fitted for dentures can be a painful experience, physically and financially. I’ve worn dentures for over 40 years, with many replacements throughout those years. I refused to keep them in a jar at night, so now I have tremendous bone loss and that makes me very difficult to fit.


A regular dentist takes your impressions and then sends your dentures to an outside lab. After a few of those experiences, I.only went to experts, but even then, it was never a perfect fit. I learned to accept that, but after my last experience with an “expert”,(the one before I found Dr. Abdo) left me in so much pain and my complaints were explained away because I was “too hard to fit due to my bone loss”.This guy said he was the best and promised me he could do the job, but after an agreed upon total price paid up front, this “expert” wanted more money for the follow-up visits for adjustments (which are always required and were supposed to be included in the cost) but after a couple of adjustments, he demanded more money to continue “trying”. The only way to keep the dentures in my mouth was to load up on the goopy glue to hold the dentures in, but that would only hold them in my mouth for a few hours and I’d have to re-glue.The new dentures were too big and changed my appearance and I no longer could eat many of my favorite foods,never mind the many blisters I had to endure….


During a professional consultation with a client of mine, in the middle of my advice,,my top denture dropped out of my mouth! Humiliated, I researched all of the “experts” in South Florida and found Dr. Abdo’s profile.I saw that he was an expert in private practice, but he also taught classes to other “experts”.With hope in hand, I made an appointment and brought with me a 20-year old photograph (the last time I was happy with my smile)..


 Long story short, Dr. Abdo’s skills and determination to make me happy (at no additional charge for the many follow-up adjustments) gave me back my old smile, making me look younger! This renewed my confidence and comfort, and now I can eat anything! With no glue! (a small dot in one spot that keeps the dentures in for 3 days if I don’t feel like taking them out to clean).I’m not leaving my real name, only because someone reading my testimony may already be my client (who thinks I have naturally beautiful teeth) and I’m keeping that a secret!,


Go to the experts Expert — Dr. Omar Abdo! I am forever grateful to have found him! , .

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