I need dental implants and read about “Teeth in an HourTM” and “Teeth in a DayTM” procedures? Am I a good candidate for that?

Exciting innovations in dentistry have once again given us a new way of regaining our smile. It used to be that dental patients had to endure numerous appointments and discomfort to accomplish what is now attainable in a few simple appointments. These protocols allow us to accomplish placing dental implants and restore the patient’s smile and dental function quickly in one appointment.

What makes these procedures so successful is that they are less invasive than traditional implant placement. It starts with an initial examination and thorough evaluation conducted by a Prosthodontist. A CT Scan is performed to evaluate the density of the jawbone. Utilizing state of the art computer software to analyze the CT images in three dimensions, the Prosthodontist determines the best location for the placement of the implants. The computerized imagery and information from the CT-Scan are used to create a custom template-guide in the laboratory. This template-guide facilitates precise placement of the implants; therefore, requiring no cutting of the gum or any sutures. This greatly minimizes post-operative discomfort.

The day of the actual procedure, the implants are placed with great precision (usually in less than one hour). Then a custom fixed dental prosthesis (Bridge) is attached directly to the implants. The outcome is a marvelous transformation in one short dental visit – a great smile without the wait. Another application for this innovative technique allows us to transform a denture to a fixed bridge without having to be with out teeth during healing of the implants.

Not all patients are god candidates for this protocol. I encourage you to visit a dental specialist for an evaluation to determine the best protocol and treatment for your specific condition.

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