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Immediate Results In Same Day Dentures With the All-on-4® treatment concept

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The All-on-4® treatment concept teeth in a day has truly revolutionized dental implants.  The concept was developed and systematically analyzed in the 1990s. 

It involves strategically placing four dental implants to support same-day replacement teeth. All-on-4® treatment concept dental implants can be used to replace all of the teeth along an upper or lower arch, and with the All-on-4® treatment concept process, you need not spend months wearing temporary replacements while your dental implants heal.

Dr. Abdo offers this amazing same day teeth option to those living, working or vacationing in Palm Beach County and beyond. We offer free informational seminars in our office for our patients to learn more about the process.

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Which do you think would feel more like your natural teeth? 

 Omar Abdo AO4 Teeth

Just looking at the the difference between the two sets of teeth, you can that the All-on-4 teeth look like a more natural fit.  Traditional dentures come with uncomfortable, bulky plastic which can dull the sensation of taste, temperature and consistency while eating.  Adding to the difficulty, dentures are removable and are typically secured with a dental adhesive.  Denture wearers often complain about adhesive options.  Complaints include slipping and sliding of teeth or food getting trapped under the dentures.  All-on-4 teeth are secured to your jaw much like your natural teeth and can only be removed by your dental health care provider.  Cleaning your All-on-4 teeth is the same as cleaning your natural teeth.  Plus you get to wake up with your smile!

Who is a candidate for the All-on-4® treatment concept?

Because the All-on-4® treatment concept dental implants are placed at an angle to provide optimal support, they work well for patients who have lost all of their upper or lower teeth and have experienced deteriorating bone since. Those who are generally candidates for the All-on-4® treatment concept include:


  • Patients with deteriorated bone that would require bone grafting to place traditional implants.  
  • Patients who are missing all of the teeth along an arch or those teeth are failing.
  • Patients who want to shorten the treatment time when compared with traditional dental implants such as mini implants.
  • Patients who wear a denture and are not satisfied should also try same day dentures.

With the All-on-4® treatment concept, patients can skip time-consuming and costly bone grafting procedures and regain full function and beauty quickly.  Click here for some frequently asked questions about All-on-4® .

The All-on-4® treatment concept process

Omar Abdo AO4 ProcessThe All-on-4® treatment concept teeth in a day process relies on titanium dental implants for support, much like individual implants. The entire All-on-4® treatment concept procedure can be completed in fewer trips to our central Palm Beach County office than it would if you placed individual implants.

In just two visits you can have your smile completely transformed by Dr. Abdo.  The initial visit includes a consultation, exam, and impressions and is followed by a visit in which we place your implants.  Your same day replacement teeth are crafted for you between the initial visit and the implant placement visit, allowing them to be fitted, adjusted, and placed during your second visit, immediately after your implants are inserted. Unlike traditional dentures, All-on-4® treatment concept teeth means you never have to go without a sturdy, functional smile. Not even for one day.  Once your All-on-4® treatment concept implants have fully fused to the bone, we will fit you for an even more permanent and durable replacement teeth composed of the material of your choice; acrylic or zirconnia.

For patients who are unable or uninterested in traditional dental implants or traditional dentures, All-on-4® treatment concept teeth in a day from Dr. Omar Abdo in West Palm Beach, Florida is the perfect treatment for you.   If you’ve been turned down for traditional dental implants, wear a removable denture, or just want a more immediate payoff for your dental implants procedure, call for an appointment today.

What kind of results can you expect with the All-On-4® treatment concept?

Not only will your results be immediate, they will be life changing.  We see too many patients that suffer too long with a smile they are not happy with. Not only will you change your appearance, you will improve the function of your smile as well.  You can finally return to eating the foods you may have started to avoid.  And the best part is that you will never go a day without teeth!

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Are You Ready to Reclaim Confidence in Your Smile?

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