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Prosthodontics and Dental Credentials, part 3

Finally, the last installment of our Prosthodontics and Dental Credentials series where we illustrate what the dental specialty of prosthodontics encompasses. Here are a few more myths and facts to chew on: Myth #5 Specialists are for the big wig like CEOs, entertainers and news anchors. FACT Recent economics and competition means that most prosthodontic […]

Prosthodontics and Dental Credentials, part 2

Is there such thing as TOO white? Welcome to part two of our Prosthodontics and Dental Credentials series where we help define prosthodontics for our patients so that they may make an educated design about their care. Last week we offered you a few facts about the difference between general dentistry and prosthodontics. Here are […]

Prosthodontics and Dental Credentials

Increasingly, people are choosing a prosthodontist for their restorative dentistry needs. However, there still remain misperceptions about this dental specialty. We say it is time to clear up any confusion, so you can make an informed decision about whether prosthodontics is right for you. For the next 2 weeks, we will cover some myths and […]

Dental Do’s and Don’ts

Call Omar Abdo, DDS, MS, FACP Phone Number 561-820-8898 today to make an appointment! We know that when it comes to oral hygiene, the list seems endless. The dental isle in the supermarket or pharmacy has grown considerably over the years.  There are so many types of toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss and other dental products out there. […]


You want a healthy, bright smile, but you have been warned about the effects of coffee, alcohol and soda. It is true; all soft drinks contain enamel-eroding acids. Iced-tea, once placed in a bottle or can, loses its bacteria-busting properties to flavor-enhancing organic acids that can erode your chompers, while your latte can stain your […]

Women Snore Too… Sleep Apnea Found in Women

For years we have known sleep apnea to be predominantly common in males rather than females. Therefore the common belief has been that the sleep breathing disorder affects mostly men and a small percentage of women. However, when a recent Swedish report released a medical finding showing the frequency of sleep apnea in women was much higher than what […]

What Are My Treatment Options? Diagnosed with sleep apnea? Now What?

If you have been following our blog you should have some knowledge of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and the physical strain it puts on your organs. ( People with OSA can experience decreased productivity, daytime sleepiness, slow reflexes, poor concentration, weight gain, relationship issues, sexual dysfunction, weaker immune system, and an increased risk of accidents. […]

Dental Phobia: Causes and Treatments, Part 2

By Dr. Omar Abdo, Continuing my discussion of dental phobia, I turn to more causes of the condition, as well as treatments. Causes of Dental Phobia: Indirect Experiences Although direct experiences with dental care, including ones that involved difficult procedures and impersonal dentists, rank as the number one cause of dental phobia, secondhand experiences […]