An Interview with Dr. Omar Abdo Concerning Teeth Whitening

At the Jupiter Institute for Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry, located in Palm Beach County, Florida, experienced prosthodontist Dr. Omar Abdo offers patients a full range of dental care procedures and techniques. Teeth whitening ranks among Dr. Abdo’s most popular services, allowing patients to bring out the natural gleam and beauty of their smiles. We sat down with Dr. Omar Abdo to learn more about teeth whitening.

Q: Thank you for talking with us. To start, what makes teeth whitening important?
Dr. Omar Abdo: The pleasure is mine; I am thrilled to share more about this procedure. In general, patients choose to whiten their teeth because over time, the enamel covering our teeth becomes less porous and the tooth’s mineral structure changes, which leads to staining. In our society, smiles are important personally and professionally, as is one’s self-confidence.

Q: Let’s say a patient comes to an appointment at your practice and asks for a whitening. What does the procedure entail?
Dr. Omar Abdo: Our patients can designate whether they want all their teeth whitened, or only certain sections. My associates and I take a couple of days to prepare custom bleach splints, which the patient then picks up, along with a special bleaching agent that goes into the splints. Patients wear the splints for a few hours each day over a couple of weeks, during which time the bleach wears away at the stains.

Q: How does the bleach affect other dental work and the tooth’s structure?
Dr. Omar Abdo: Not at all. Patients simply monitor the increasing level of whiteness. Once they achieve the desired level of whiteness, they can cut back treatment to occasional instances here and there.

Q: Many drugstores sell over-the-counter whitening solutions. Why not use one of them instead of the solution provided by your practice?
Dr. Omar Abdo: In many instances, the products sold by drugstores and pharmacies can cause damage to the patient’s teeth and gums. Our solution is specially created to ensure patients’ oral health.

Q: Where can prospective patients learn more about you, your practice, and your services?
Dr. Omar Abdo: Visit us online at

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